Padma Shri Dr. NN Jain National Debate Competition

Greetings from Prestige Institute of Management & Research - Department of Law, Indore

PIMR- Department of Law, Indore is organizing Padma Shri Dr. NN Jain National Debate Competition, on online zoom platform.

Schools & Colleges from across the nation will a part of this debate competition & students will gaining a lot of knowledge while being a part of this event.

And apart from the monetary prize various other prize like a trophy for the winner, books, a merit certificate & internship opportunity.

Also a participation certificate will be provided to each & every student.

A maximum of 3 students from one college can be a part of it.

There is no restrictions on number of students from school.

Registration fee is ₹250/- only per Student from college & its ₹100/- only in case of School students.

Topic - Primary duty to protect the health of Indian citizens should rely on the center.

Platform - Zoom

So we cordially invite you to be the part of Padma Shri Dr. NN Jain National Debate Competition.

Contact number 8871891241

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