What is protest petition?

Generally filed as an objection against final report submitted by investigation officer in the court.Protest petition can also be considered as a complaint But who and under what conditions can this petition be filed and in what type of crime can they be congnazable and non-cognazable 

Police report is filed by the investigation officer upon the completion of investigation with his opinion as to whether the accused has committed the offence or not u/s 173(2).now if police report is poisitive challan or chargesheet is filed in court and if police report is negetive clousure/final report is filed stating that no offence is made out .
Police report is just opinion of police officer court is not bound by it .
The Applicant (aggrevied person)has the remedy to file protest petition against the police report that there is prima facie case to take cognizance of it. After protest petiton is filed and application  of judicial mind of the court of court considers that prima facie case is made out then protest petition is considered as complaint and proceedings begin u/s 200-204.

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